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We think that we can make the following statement and know that it is beyond a doubt 100 percent true. You want everything on your wedding day to be perfect. At least as perfect as possible that is. You have been in the process of hiring vendors and making sure everything is setup like you have always dreamed about. But you need to make sure that you have not overlooked any of your vendors, they are all important. A mobile bartender is one of those vendors that could easily to taken for granted. This would be a huge mistake. Imagine your reception with a bartender that doesn't know a screwdriver from a Margarita. So, we cannot advise you strongly enough to take this search and eventual hire very seriously. You deserve the very best in all of your wedding arenas. But to find and hire a professional bartender who provides everything you need and want will take some doing. Begin by looking around the Birmingham area for potential quality candidates. Then become very familiar with this guide, in fact, keep it with you at all times because it will help you in evaluating all of the candidates that you come up with and in making that prized hire of a talented and personable bartender.

There are a number of ways to accrue quality bartending candidates. You can start by asking your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever hired a bartender or experienced a quality bartender at an event. If they feel they can make an recommendations, jot down their contact information. Another great source of candidates is the world wide web. Do a Google search for “mobile bartenders in the Birmingham area.” You will see numerous websites that you should investigate and from which you might add to your list. We suggest that you evaluate the website, it can help you decide whether the vendor should be added to your list or not. Don't forget to check with your wedding vendors that you have already booked, they usually know all kind of vendors. Once you have a list of at least three to five candidates, call each one up and if they say they are available on your big day, setup a time to interview them.

Find out how much experience they have in being a bartender at a wedding. Wedding experience is a must. How many drinks do they know how to make? Test them on the spot. Do they carry General Liability Insurance? They need to. What kind of training do they have and where did they get it?.Have they had responsible vendor training? This will protect you and them because it gives bartenders guidance on how to prevent potential tragedies. Tell them the time they need to show up and ask if that is a problem. What will they need for you? Make sure you understand everything they will be providing. They should be able to advise you as to how much alcohol you will need to purchase. Depending on how many guests you will be having, find out how many bartenders they recommend. How much will this service cost you? A higher quality service is going to be a bit more. Trying to pay for this service in pennies could get you in trouble really fast. Find out how the gratuity will figure in. Once you have finished with all of your candidates, you should be able to make an informed decision on who will be serving drinks at your wedding reception.

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